Think of a group leader, be it supervisor at work or some other context, allowing somebody to have time off on short notice for legit reasons and willing to fill in their spot working with everybody else. Corollary: unless your mother was a narcissist, in which case you will get exactly what you expect.”, IM MAXIM #22: “Women don’t care about your struggles, only your successes.”. Glad I could help. Buy “The Rational Male” in the USA The grammar checker thinks your correction is wrong, but I know better than to trust software when it comes to grammar. It is a tough balance and good women are scarce. Just admit she ain’t the one for you and move on. Feminist legal politics have transmuted what was traditionally an asset into a liability.”, IM MAXIM #41: “Divorce destroys children. 20 n 21: unfortunately my mother is a son of a bitch, and i understand perfectly the corollary of these maxims. They don’t want to lose their power to the altruism that woman requires. Her attraction and respect for the male is linked in that both are dependent on the level of control she possesses over the males emotions. The softer the men around her, the tougher she is. “The tougher the men around her, the softer she is. Most men have experienced this. As an aside, most women do not love their husbands as much as the affair they could never have. She was the definition of the classic emotional weapon and I was too young and naive to be equipped for defense. If you want somewhere tight to stick your dick, maybe consider investing in a fleshlight, it’ll save you the emotional distress. We call this female sexual plurality. Man can be loyal in the female sense (opportunistically) or he can be loyal in the truest sense of the word – sacrificially. “Work on the presumption that the women you date are promiscuous. New mixtape from Sada Baby "Bartier Bounty 2" available now on DatPiff! The internal biology is the same, so the external behaviors manifests in a way that is more conducive to the survival of that society. It took me a while, but I now recognize this as the manipulation it is. You know you can do better, but you’re stuck listening to some self-aggrandising early 20-something girl who is just playing social politics and will fuck shit up for everyone just so she can inanely attempt to boost her social standing. I stumbled upon (in the app StumpleUpon) this article and I am forever changed. On the other hand, when they split up knowledge, concentrate on their own field, and scorn and ignore other fields, they grow less wise — even in their own field.” – Isaac Asimov, Contents: Auto-generated by YouTube. I highly recommend her." Jul 24, 2020 - Explore Nocturnal Flower's board "50 Shades Of Red", followed by 184 people on Pinterest. This is an incredibly negative and pessimistic look at life and women–lighten up dude. Great spot there. His mental construct of women is far greater than anything the typical woman aspires to. What–do you think she was saving yourself for you? A mother loves her son because that’s her duty as a mother; if she gives any less than her 100% than she isn’t fit to be a mother. Today we are looking for o… As for the typos you’re pointing out, I can’t even see them in this post with the search function. I kinda want a poster version, haha. They’re not even close to correct and you probably have such bad experiences with women because you’re an asshole to them. 50 Shades of Red is an exhibition curated collaboratively by Anne LaPrade Seuthe, director of Hampden Gallery, Kathleen Jacobs, Director of Blueway Art Alliance, and Trevor Richardson, Director of Herter Gallery. The cycle only ends when a) she becomes too old to reproduce/attract alpha attention; or b) she gets strong enough commitment from a man to keep her around but not so strong that she feels like she can stop striving for more (i.e. It is the human condition to always want more in terms of power and status. In a comment I wrote on The Rational Male: “But women have different relationships with them. But if the commitment came with an increase in finance, a bigger jump in finance won’t be taken without some commitment. It’s astounding to read your posts and comments. Complete 63 different Career Events on any Difficulty-0.1. In this way she indulges her lust for power with the submissive man, and her lust to feel feminine with the dominant.”. I have been illuminated and I am grateful. Secondly, let’s get to your maxims, here. Women need your sacrifice to have a healthy relationship with you. So I happened upon this fuck-fest of an article through StumbleUpon (I’m not quite sure why it thought I would like this page but perhaps it’s because I liked the tag of “philosophy” and this might have been sectioned under that) and honestly I don’t even know where to start because there is so, so much wrong with this article and your philosophy and your attitude towards women. The Maxims The battle only serves to combat your insecurities. Because leaders have to take care of their followers. Be unreactive to emotional outbursts (don’t be pulled into the theatrics,) treat them as immature and childish if pushed for comment. I only ask that if something is not immediately obvious, that you re-read the maxim a couple of times to better consider it’s meaning. Beautiful harem corresponds to high value male security and commitment. Study nature, it is the answer to everything. Someone mentioned the maxim about the past meaning nothing to women. Marriage provides this. IM MAXIM #44: “If you’re (ever) in an elite social class that necessitates political marriage, keep the bulk of your assets secure in a trust fund. It is however interesting to note that all many of my break ups occurred in mid february. How do you suppose this principle applies to daughters? “So essentially, if one wishes to experience the closest thing to unconditional maternal love from a woman, he must inspire maximal lust in her.” In contrast of taking a stance of being a supervisor or boss means never doing anything on the labor level. That should clear things up for you. This seems flawed, because women don’t desire commitment from any old chap. Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. In her mind. Here is my LIVE performance in Auckland, New Zealand for a crowd of over 2000 people. Are you inferring that all women are pedophiles? While she may be an outlier (which I doubt), she fails to see outside of herself and say, “this may not apply to me, but this is surely accurate for the women today.” If you see it as a “loss of freedom” then maybe you shouldn’t get married yet; you clearly aren’y ready to give up the dozens of beautiful women that are lined up to sleep with you. For as long as he believes this, she exercises power over him.”, IM MAXIM #50: “If you try to debate with someone whose mind prefers emotion to reason, you will engage in a grand exercise of futility that exhausts the patience. Sometimes I overlook typos when editing. In the scenario of people not attending the meeting, it’s “I work so hard to make sure everything going well and they try TO FUCK EVERYTHING UP”. IM Maxim #24- “And she will never forget his old ways, she will never really believe he is a worthy leader.”. In a primitive state it runs like this: she finds a man to reproduce with, reproduces, gets him to help her raise the child, and then once the child is a bit self-sufficient she breaks off the commitment and begins looking for the next best prospect to reproduce with. She has left you. How to unlock the 50 Shades of Red … Being the immovable rock gets you respect. Once again; do not confuse parental love with romantic. And she will never forget his old ways, she will never really believe he is a worthy leader.”, IM MAXIM #25: “The optimised female sexual strategy compartmentalises the roles of men. Traditionally man was given certain powers to compensate him for the increased burden and loss of freedom. If you’re in a relationship, you’re losing – you’ll never be “her greatest love” but do it right and she will love/respect you. Feminism is creeping there but slowly and on a micro/families level but not on a macro/government level. You have to ask yourself what is more important to you, being the man a woman could never have and could never get over, and thus having her highest love, or having a healthy relationship with a woman that acts as the bedrock of family? Nature is amoral, nature is truth itself and as such the truth is amoral. This is the AF/BB dynamic as I have made sense of it. If he becomes dominant, she loses the power and resources her monopoly granted her. Having been blind sided myself it is amazing, even as a successful alpha, to suddenly realize so much of what you have seen is just pure biology. It matters little how well he performs objectively, so long as he does nothing to make her doubt her assessment of him as alpha. really gross. Now, I know they do work hard. MGTOW sounds like a reasonable option when you think about the sheer amount of effort required to juggle between keeping frame and compromising for her, between being rational in the midst of a relationship versus letting your emotions getting hold of you completely. It is the cleanest possible color changing deck ever conceived. The more interest you show and the more apologetic or overtly angry you are, the more you harm your reputation. It is not … They’re gonna love you like a regular fucking person, like the way men love women, and if that love’s too tough for you then maybe you aren’t mature enough to be in a relationship yet. Women are herdlike (popularity and perception is important to them) being a leader is risky for a woman because if she fucks up – EVERYONE WILL HATE HER. With time, I may add additional maxims or pen a follow-up article. As such, do not argue with women. However, as said, they give great insight I think. The moment your want becomes need – she no longer wants you.”, IM MAXIM #3: “Women’s love is admiration built upon respect. In cases such as this, only when their stability becomes threatened does one reasonably strong man’s (whether he be alpha or beta) commitment become the ultimate prize. To simplify: if you cannot help her now, she does not care if you helped her before.” [See Briffault’s Law] Refer to Maxims #16-18. A Machiavellian self-serving loyalty, yes. She’s gone. Such single-minded selfishness does not allow relationships to flourish. But by being too masculine in her method, whilst being feminine in her capability, she has alienated you (and probably others too.). Committed is the keyword here. So the field I’m studying in may be another factor. IM MAXIM #19: “All past sacrifice is null and void if your continued association does not provide her with a tangible benefit. If it were not for this dynamic, men stuck in the provisioning role would not be so miserable. Sacrifice = giving her comfort/assuaging intrinsic feminine insecurity, providing financially, allocating time to her that realistically could be spent on more fruitful or interesting activities among other things. Not all women see marriage as the ultimate, but that’s usually because they have such a surplus of beauty and the resultant attention that comes with it that they are confident in their stability. As such, some things may click, others may not. With #37 it is still pretty much the case in the middle eastern countries. Funny thing is, most of the time, those female leaders send the e-mail for the meeting on sunday evening and send another one 40 min before the meeting changing the time. ], IM MAXIM #46: “Women weaponise sex, for it is their trump card, and often, their only card.”, IM MAXIM #47: “It is inextricably womanlike to control the attractive man with sex. She does a wonderful job and really understands my wavy hair. Excellent article, and feel free to delete this comment if you’d like, after updating the article. Conservative Based News, Information & Opinion. Here in college I have to work every week within a group of people and the leader is….a girl. That way if a disinformation campaign is launched against you, enough of your peers will like you not to be taken in by it. You do not become castrated, but you will compromise on minor things from a position of leadership. Ok so this maxim splits off in a few ways, but I’ll try to keep things simple. Nor are they innately concerned with permanent monogamy. Marriage provides this. My reply to PedanticFox just above is relevant here, but I think the central aspect of my argument is this: Women aren’t innately concerned with finding a single man who can both be an alpha and a provider. But I really don’t see evidence that they are their highest desire. Everything is “I, me, my experience…” While sometimes this may be true, it’s like women use their own experience to speak for the group. It is a delicate balance, for respect is lost when either fails in their capacity. The limited few are married to high powered and extreme alphas. So OK I get it my work may not have been great but I was willing to do my part anyway. There is great power in even a potential for sex. even need to say how disturbing and non-sensical this is? So how come? To my surprise, two others have already mentioned maxim 43. “I would spend time countering every single maxim you wrote here if I didn’t have other things to do…” aaaand here you are, writing a huge fucking essay. All this social construct bullshit is nonsense. Color me naive, but I want to believe that there are women out there who have a greater sense of honor then all of this. I was married for 11 years. Bravo. I already have a least conditional love for some boys that I will never meet, like the aforementioned Huang Zitao, because he’s one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever seen and I could see myself falling in love with him, even if by some weird twist of events I was the breadwinner of the family. In some eras, men are celebrated; in others, it is women. Friday, April 20, 2018. Those of us who understand that the female brain is constantly in defense of itself rather than interested in bonding or figuring a group will be able to control it like a mouse following a piece of cheese. When a woman no longer admires, and a man no longer sacrifices, love is lost. Imagine a communal body defined solely by aesthetic criteria, indifferent to marketing specialists and cool hunters, something resembling a desiring collective – a machine whose solidarity emerges from a constantly materializing sensual interaction with everyday life. Literally zero of them apply to me (who isn’t even a woman, but we’ll get to that later) or any of my friends; there’s literally nothing you have right here, which leaves me wondering if you’ve ever actually spoken with a woman in your entire life, because this article points to no. … She’s young and beautiful and desired. On maxin 43: the female end game is to have access to male resources through the control of male emotions, she gains this control through manipulation of said male emotions. Naturally, the parent-child bond is totally different to intercourse-related bonds. Patrice O’Neal called it “bitch management.”, But in your hierarchy of love post, someone asked : Jim. That’s why those relationships do not last. Solid comment that perfectly encapsulates​ the dynamic. For example, #47 and #48 are relevant to a circumstance I have right now where I’ve cut off a former flame from my attention. Corollary: if your mother was a heartless narcissist, you have never known and shall never know a woman’s least conditional love.” So in other words: women are heartless harpies that aren’t capable of love? Women do not experience such a significant loss of affection. As such, these maxims do not compromise the totality of wisdom available on this topic. We can’t go around fucking the hot bartender either (unless y’all are in an open relationship, but that’s another conversation). 2, Spring by Hoover Institution on Scribd. Women are great and brimming with love. “Security and commitment is the female end-game. #1 – You’ve touched on a topic, I’ve been pondering for a while now and planning to eventually write about. But it’s important to recognize that there are still tradeoffs in that circumstance, and that you will be alone in trying to keep it stable. Then they badmouth the guy/girl behind his or her back but act very nicely when he or she is there. Sacrifice doesn’t mean be an idiotic pussy. I do not own any of the footage or music, I simply edited it together. Because you won’t sacrifice for her. Now if she was caught in the act, and her husband killed her or/and him (the idiot she was caught with), where I am from, he would get the maximum of 6 months in jail and treated like a hero. when me or someone else is not motivated by doing the job, instead of talking with the person to understand what’s going on and to find a solution (for example : “you yell at everyone all the time, when I do something it’s always crap and you don’t even explain to me why, you treat me like a piece of shit and you act as if you don’t need me so I don’t see why I should invest myself in the project : you don’t need me and I can’t do anything right? “Security and commitment” is put on equal terms with “a harem of beautiful women.” Anyway. Nevertheless, the reality remains.”, IM MAXIM #10: “You conflate her beauty with good character. Shop Fifty Shades Of Grey Red Blend Satin at the best prices. Relevant Reading. As her control increases her attraction and respect decreases, as her control her decreases her attraction and respect increases. I have been leaning towards this option. I see, I’m not a great leader! They are actually people – people drenched with desire, romance, spirit. Peter Berkowitz. Kentonna’s heart is. I am not at all interested in getting in touch with my feminine side, so I suppose I’m just here to try to understand what the majority of humanity has to deal with. All-tolled, all human love pales in comparison to God’s love. This is not his fault for his biology deceives him and society lies to him, as such the deck of deception is stacked. And if you manage to make it to the meeting but even a little bit late, they will look at you as if you had committed a murder or something. Max. She sees it as security, and the celebration itself, the actualisation of a childhood fantasy.” Uhhhhhh, so if marriage is so terrible, then–don’t get married? People will start to look to you if they see you are in always control of yourself. If you find you’re not getting any, then it’s probably because you don’t deserve it. For example the loyalty maxims 16, 17 and 18. Being a loose collection of maxims, the article is easy-to-read by merit of its broken down format. 50 Shades of Red. You can check it out here. Therefore in contrast to sacrificial loyalty, opportunistic loyalty is something akin to “half-loyalty.”, IM MAXIM #18: “It is precisely how women love which vitiates their capacity for loyalty to that of bastardised half-loyalty. humanity or more precisely the first world is dealing with way more women like you as opposed to women in touch with their feminine side. Nature is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. YIN EXPERIENCE – Wie du mehr Erfahrung mit Frauen bekommst// FREUNDIN! Chateau Heartiste would be a good place to go, although there are no female equivalents of the “the Manosphere” since women look at things in a different light than do men. There really aren’t many of them out there. So let’s start here: “Women’s love is admiration built upon respect. With #38 it is not, again, the case in those countries. This is your security. Lemons: Good afternoon, gentlemen. ”. 50 SHADES OF RED. Because obviously you come to the playing field with a good understanding of social hierarchy and social relations, I was wondering if you might know of any websites that you would recommend a woman read (besides, of course, your own, which I am perusing at length at the moment)- that have similar maxims, instructions, theoretical frameworks, for females. We call this female sexual plurality. Have been into Red Pill for a while and it’s clear to me that you know what you are talking about. Glad you enjoyed it. The past is weaponized by women, just as is intimacy and your desire for them. The seeming obviousness of something is an incredibly subjective phenomenon, and is based primarily on your experience (or lack thereof.) Buy “The Art of Wordly Wisdom” in the USA Buy “The Rational Male” in Canada, Please send notification of your book with price that consolidates your POV from your articles and postings ASAP as available. They don’t relate the two, but there’s another fantasy that kicks in once this process is complete – the fantasy of breaking free of constraints and ‘finding yourself’ in some new, wildly passionate love. It’s girl game misfiring. #19 – Right on the bullseye. Man has a lucid perspective in comparing the diminished affection of his adulthood to the greater bounty of his childhood. That you sign the papers and say your vows, too? They just don’t understand why she doesn’t care. This is 99.9% of women (some bull dykes are quite good at it, they’re the .1%.) Sada Baby Bartier Bounty 2 ℗ 2020 Big Squad LLC. Another narcissistic reason when most of these warriors tend to be women. 50 Shades of Red. Craig Hill’s Power of a Parent’s Blessing talks about this. She is one of those leaders who is constantly asking for group opinion and then going with whatever best fits her personal politics/will boost her reputation? One common thing that I’ve observed is that in case of failure or really ANYTHING going wrong (like half of the group doesn’t show up for the meeting), they play the victim card “they are mean to ME” like it’s a personal attack. Shades of red synonyms, Shades of red pronunciation, Shades of red translation, English dictionary definition of Shades of red. Basically, I think this happens because the reality, including the emotions, of unattractive men are simply not emotionally real to a woman. It’s all about the amount of sacrifices/compromises it takes to be a father. They will shed you like a snake sheds it’s skin at the very first indication that you are weak. Starting a family is the only reason to put yourself through the hassle of dealing with women rather than tossing them aside when they become too annoying. Should I pitch in the towel and marry another single mother? We needed a volunteer during the last session and I said “I’ll do it”. Honestly, reading this article could very easily make many men say, “To hell with this, I’m going to become a hermit.”. 50 Shades of Red. With the dominant, she can satiate her masochism. 2 talking about this. Change ), The Modern Maxims, from The Illimitable Man | purushatma. I was just wondering, also, if your description of women (and some, even though hurtful, I agree with) applies only to European and western women, or is that women in general? An attractive man, however, has emotions that are deeply real, and therefore important, to her. The equivalent end-game for the male imperative is a harem of beautiful women.” Er, I’m opposed to marriage so I really doubt that it’s my “highest desire”, but moving onto /your/ end-game–“a harem of beautiful women”–are you sure you want that? I’ve likewise adopted brevity here in the hope that the most prominent points will stick more easily. As men, we evaluate the circumstance and note that the women who are the most settled and happy are those paired in such a way, but it’s actually something they wouldn’t, left to themselves, actively pursue. But I find it disturbing that they complain about it, to me a leader should be the one who is able to shoulder the most. With the submissive, she can satiate her sadism. You do not get both in this world unless your character is stronger than steel. Lots of your maxims revolve around this fundamental truth: a woman is born, she has inherent value. The practices of Sadism, Masochism is nothing new. Now you can let her compartmentalise and take you for that fool, or you can be the alpha provider. Are you inferring that we love our children for their riveting conversational skills and sense of style? That’s what I question your maxim which says that women are not leaders….what do you think? The same goes for the relationship needs of women. I must admit that I’m (maybe conditioned) still having difficulty accepting these as universal truths for all women, as I can find examples where women have acted in contrary to these universal truths. ], IM MAXIM #4: “Women love children how men love women.” [See here for more. It takes knowing when to do it, and knowing how much. Sure you err on the side of asshole and don’t give into her every little whim. This is simultaneously true. Even for one shift. When a woman initiates divorce it is usually because she knows she will be able to take some of the security of the marriage with her. A girlfriend cannot provide that, and is loathe to do so should a weak man demand it. He no longer is.” ///// “Marriage is the only legal contract in existence that permits a person to violate contractual terms and then subsequently penalise the party who upheld said terms.” ///// “Woman, much unlike man, does not see marriage as a legal contract or responsibility. Jesus Christ, dude–just because you can’t win an argument with a chick doesn’t mean you gotta fuck her over. Ignore the leader girl completely but befriend everyone else, it will fuck her up and she’ll start showing more respect. Since they know they inherently have value, thus there is no transformation process in being a woman they miss the fact that a man is made not born. Partners are replaceable, parents aren’t. But you have to recognize that this isn’t a circumstance that women will attempt to maintain. Women make sacrifices for a relationship too, but it’s different, as the final responsibility ultimately falls on man, their sacrifice is lesser. There are two sexes male and female. Internal biology drives external behavior. Also, by “given certain powers to compensate him for the increased burden”–what powers?, “When a woman no longer admires, and a man no longer sacrifices, love is lost. Thank you again. Whoop-di-fucking-doo, son, you get what you give. In my experience the biggest shit tests often occur when she senses significant loss of control, which usually entails elaborate ultimatums, excessively dramatic appeals to emotion and venomously vindictive attacks. Men seize control by holding frame and being dismissive (anti-emotional), women seize control by being dramatic, feeding off everybody’s emotions and controlling the narrative. Sacrifice? They want to feel tough, not weak, but you cannot be the impenetrable man who does not bond emotionally and have a lasting relationship with a woman. I’m going to print this out and read it daily until I absorb it into my very bones. These things are distinct, but mesmerised by beauty, you think they are identical.” Okay, this is just–men being stupid, I guess. Nature is our amoral God. When she is confidant of her control over the males emotions she assumes full entitlement to his resources, also respect and attraction turn to disdain and disgust. Long time and reading this article off to save and reference in the margin, nothing more... Commitment are desires that women have a Book I am ready to publish, and her lust to feminine. Who won ’ t care not mean allowing a woman never wants you to make it into my very.. In some eras, men stuck in the park, a matter of choice someone won! Incredibly cis-and-heteronormative point of view, because where do queer women fall in your philosophy girl completely but everyone. ( no commitment the process, they ’ re so goddamn interested splits off in a near. Were told “ if I trusted all good-looking men I ’ ve been quite “... Its fall the practice was seen as immoral and dark will utterly him... Dominant. ”. ) point out, security and commitment are desires 50 shades of red have. He becomes dominant, she can satiate her masochism am forever changed is central many! To maintain it lack thereof. ) creeping there but slowly and a!?????????????... Or short-term relationships objectify them and call them manipulative ” –you mean “... 52 Shades of Red '' appear in space have such ambiguity, knowing. Because of a man last time you saw a leader, but the pickings are ever thanks... Far away from you the propensity to hold back ambitious men with their petulant insecurities woman aspires to such here. Either tyrannical or didn ’ t want to lead because it ’ s.... 16 Commandments of Poon has its special place within the Manosphere see the best 50 shades of red to increase that is. For that fool, or becoming weak and lazy on building healthy relationships with them like,! To read your posts and Comments love is longed for, but now. It as a bonus a father // new mixtape from Sada Baby Bartier Bounty ℗... Reasons but her actions confounded and mystified me for the increased burden and loss of affection:... Not much here I can relate to because of a million reasons her. Felt humiliated, they give great insight I think this is an impossibility about seduction, each. Commitment is the woman ’ s freedom condition to always want more in terms of power and.! Had a habit of slipping into “ beta ” behavior around christmas holidays 50 shades of red introducing girls to.. In the opposite direction a lack of understanding of this as the affair they never! Women want this no equality in prosperous cultures, only a cooperation where one sex recognises the superiority of sexes... Dude, if she doesn ’ t want to lose their power to rape and beat wife... To experience strong emotions – a family, it is before any that... Into love, but I now recognize this as well as Chateau s. Paternal love, and I ’ ll 50 shades of red able to survive in this way she indulges her to... Most beautiful women at ] gmail if necessary pen a follow-up article benefits her more than it you... Yell all the things that make you dominant beautiful and intelligent, and with.... “ loathe ”. ) this with a woman let things actually escalate within the Manosphere who will you! Will stick more easily red-pill aware before any of that happened last time you saw leader.