Due to this phenomenon striped bass, a saltwater fish, thrive in Lake Texoma. We limited out fairly quickly and had stop fishing. Striped bass are the most popular Lake Texoma Fish Species and are of significant value for sport fishing, and have been introduced to many waterways outside their natural range. Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States completed in 1944. Typically, the largest fish are caught by trotliners, some of whom have landed specimens in excess of 115 pounds. No minimum length for Guadalupe or spotted bass. The lake was stocked with striped bass in the late 1960s, and has proven to be an excellent habitat for them. Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States completed in 1944. Amazing guide, we limited out within 1hr if being in the water. CAPT Marty’s Lake Texoma Fishing Guides service is highly recommended and it has become a fun recurring family experience for us! Lake Carl Etling 2. Will Definitely go back, We fished with Charles and he took care of us. Had a ton of fun with our whole family. Definitely recommend using this tandem. The 7 foot, 200 pound alligator gar was caught during a striper tour out of Sparky's Guide Service on Lake Texoma Saturday. Striper Fishing Photos and truly cares about his customers having a successful day and a great experience. Rod-and-reel anglers have landed specimens in excess of 80 pounds. The lake was stocked with striped bass in the late 1960s, and has proven to be an excellent habitat for them. Catching smallmouth on our Striper Fishing Charters is not uncommon! We couldnt have asked for a better experience and will definitely fish with Captain Marty's Guide Service again. Third-place pro Nick Lebrun caught his fish on a V&M Cliff’s Wild Craw in the Bama bug color. Those species popular for recreational fishing include largemouth, spotted, white, and striped bass, white crappie and channel, blue, and flathead catfish; The striped bass fishery at Lake Texoma is extremely popular and is considered one of the most successful striped fisheries in the nation. A trophy fishery exists for Blue Catfish and the current Texas state record Blue Catfish was caught here in 2004, weighing 121.5 pounds! I had heard great things about Captain Marty. Spotted bass are very popular in east Texas, particularly in the Sabine, Neches, and Cypress Rivers. We answer some very good questions and provide great information! With a lifetime of fishing knowledge and over 3 decades as a Professional Texoma Striper Guide, you can have confidence that you and your group are in the right hands. It was an awesome experience and we will be back. There is truth in the adage that “fish are where you find them,” but on a lake as big as Texoma, it pays to have a little help in the form of a fishing guide. Lake Texoma is home to the only self-sustaining population of striped bass in Texas. The blue catfish is the largest freshwater sportfish in Texas. Typically, color varies from brassy green or yellow, to golden brown, or even silvery. Carey's outfit averages ... methods from trolling to fly fishing. Summer striper fishing on Lake Texoma is so popular it’s almost a pilgrimage for many Oklahoma anglers. He cleaned our fish and had alot of filets. Contact Us, Had a father and son team for guides. Diving birds are marking feeding schools feeding on the surface throughout the lake. They are widely used in California, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and every state in between that has a striped bass or hybrid bass population. fish. I will definitely, We have duck hunted with Marty's team a couple of times previously and have always been very. White bass are silvery shading from dark-gray or black on the back to white on the belly. Whether it is the first time angler or the expert fisherman who are looking for the best fishing spots for an extreme challenge. He was so great with our 9, year old son and we caught a lot of fish!! Best striper fishing on Lake Texoma. David Escamilla led … Spending the day with him is a fun way to catch a lot of fish. Black crappie over 3.5 pounds and almost 4.5 pounds have been caught from both Texas public waters and private waters. The belly is usually pale yellow or cream colored. Take a Kid Fishing on Lake Texoma We love to Take a Kid Fishing on Lake Texoma! The boat was clean and well outfitted, the guide was friendly, personable, and professional. Setina was targeting spawning fish … Captain Marty is hands down the best guide on lake texoma. He works very hard to put you on fish. We have about three and a half weeks before school starts in Texas and Oklahoma! We enjoyed our trip so much. Great experience! He was patient and didn't yell at anyone for missing a fish. Before we dive into What’s in a Lake Texoma Fishing Guides Tackle Box we want to say stay safe and use common sense during these difficult times. satisfied. Texoma Fishing Trip Rates for Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service - we guarantee fish - no group too large or too small. Additionally, the dorsal and anal fins are placed well back on the body, and nearly opposite each other. In addition, downstream of the dam is a tailwater fishery that supports striped bass, as well as channel, blue, and flathead catfish.