Popful Mail for the Sega CD is a port/remake of Falcom's 1991 side-scrolling RPG for the PC-88. The US cutscenes have different music tracks from the Japanese version. We’re looking forward to your contributions! Lifelong gamer and movie addict. Important!! The rare cases where a stat change actually benefits the player are marked in green. On top of each having their own hit points (which means you essentially have three life bars at your disposal which certainly helps during some of the boss fights) each have their differences in handling. Additionally, the player can summon a menu to change some of the game's attributes, the current character, the current character's equipment, use or activate an item, read the game's status, save, load and quit. I gotta wonder what one needs to do to get a Soma Bringer remake and Xenoblade X port on Switch tho. ... Popful Mail Paradise - Destiny - Duration: 3:50. Since the lower-end items are easily obtainable by backtracking, this means it's a massive waste to buy those items in the US version! I have no real complaints when it comes to the graphics here. They’re fully animated and take up a large portion of the screen with scene transitions and nice effects as well as great lip syncing. The Japanese version has written narration over each scene, but the US version erases the text entirely in favor of a voice-over by Mail. Looking for some more great role playing games? When reading the chart below, bear in mind that damage calculation in this game is very simple: The damage dealt is the attacker's Attack minus the defender's Defense, or 1 if this comes out to 0 or less. He is affiliated with the talent management firm 81 Produce.. The voice acting is some of the best of its era with hilarious over-the-top performances all around. is much higher in the US version. The developers failed to design a world that’s fun to explore. Popful Mail Released: 1994 Originally produced for the NEC PC-8801 in 1991, this 2D action RPG title shares many similarities with the Wonderboy: Monster World series. Nihon FalcomPublishers: Sega (JP), Popful Mail is a kind but struggling bounty hunter who covets money and fame. Working Designs also made sure that the word "biffed" remained strong in your memory. The sell prices have mostly been increased too, but rarely by enough to make selling things actually useful. Ad-free browsing; Rom recommendations tailored to you (the more roms you rate or add to your collection, the better the recommendations become). Popful Mail 2 or Gurumin 2? Tail of the Sun Review (Sony PlayStation, 1996), NiGHTS Into Dreams Review (Sega Saturn, 1996), Ghouls ‘N Ghosts Review (Sega Genesis, 1989), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Review (Atari 2600, 1983), The Legend of Zelda Review (Nintendo, 1987), Marvelous: Another Treasure Island Review (Super Famicom, 1996), Final Fantasy II Review (Super Nintendo, 1991), Super Mario Bros. 3 Review (Nintendo, 1990), Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Review (Super Nintendo, 1994), Skies of Arcadia Review (Sega Dreamcast, 2000), Suikoden II Review (Sony PlayStation, 1999), Ultimate Guide to the Best Import PC-Engine Games, NES Vs. Sega Master System: An 8-bit Console Comparison. Money is basically the only resource you can grind in this game. Enemies whose stats didn't change are omitted. (All these time-related changes actually have a purpose – more on that later.). Popful Mail was also ported to the Super Famicom by Falcom themselves, released shortly after the Mega CD version. Well, that's not the end of it. Actually, she is in the game as well. I extract the files from the archive, be it rar or zip, and wind up with an ISO and some MP3s. By the way, here is the old sprite sheet I used way back when I started. The Utilities menu will now contain a new Test Mode option featuring a sound test, voice test, and cutscene viewer. The US version alters the control scheme. Whenever a new game is started, the game plays the second half of the original opening scene (Mail's pursuit of the Nuts Cracker). Popful Mail is a very good looking game. They just lack personality and tend to be drab against the colorful backdrops. The game was later ported to Various consoles including PC Engine CD, Super Famicom and Sega CD in 1994. It's that time again, folks: WORKING DESIGNS presents a Working Designs game performed by Working Designs featuring Working Designs developed by Falcom starring Working Designs. It’s our favorite time of the year once again! Ys III is kinda like an Ys themed Popful Mail. This applies to both player characters and enemies. The game’s main character is an elven bounty hunter named Mail, who arms herself with a sword. The outdoor stages really pop with brightly colored scenery, and the characters really stand out against them. The game's startup sequence was significantly altered for the US release. RETRO 'Popful Mail', analizamos la versión para Mega CD y su curiosa historia. Like in a traditional RPG however you can purchase and find new equipment in shops and this will give you new forms of attacks, increase the damage you do, or in the case of armor give you a higher defensive value. Pressing Start now opens this new, animated pause screen, which keeps track of the time elapsed on the current file. Northern California based publisher Working Designs worked overtime to bring early Sega fans a decent line-up of role playing games from overseas. After the publisher logo, this new splash screen featuring the title logo shows up. Sonic CD. It's boring overall. Description of Popful Mail PC-88. Sega CD. There's actually basically three versions of it: the PC-88/98/Engine one with its 'run into enemies' combat, the Sega CD one with its zoomed in view and sword button, and the SNES game which is doing its own thing entirely. The player takes on the role of a bounty hunter named Mail, but it’s possible to switch to other characters. The prices of weapons and armor were left alone. From here every environment is the same side view style area. I started playing with the original Nintendo but quickly fell in love with the arcades as well! Opening plays the game's opening, Erase Data deletes all the save data, and Listen to Song plays the game's vocal theme. "Blackie" became "Slick", and "Material" became "Muttonhead"). In case you doubt or don't know, Popful Mail is/was a genius achievement in the Sega CD world and a dedication in Action-RPG design. More seriously I'd love a Ys V remake but I hope Falcom retires the PartYs style first. With a two million gold bounty on his head he’s an irresistible target for our greedy hero, and so she sets out to track him down and bring him to justice. I just recently heard about this game, and Id really like to play it, but no emulator will run it. Please consider supporting The Cutting Room Floor on Patreon.Thanks for all your support! Falcom Music Channel 1,831 views. Popful Mail . The controls allow the player to jump, attack, open doors or treasure chests, and speak to another character. After Mail fans petitioned against the remake, "Sega Falcom" (the alliance between Sega and Falcom that would have made Sister Sonic) instead created a version of Popful Mail for the Sega CD, retaining original characters Mail, Tatt, and Gaw. So everything up to here is pretty much window dressing and nice little bonuses, right? A side-scrolling fantasy action game with light RPG elements created by Nihon Falcom that is best known for its Sega CD incarnation, published in the US by Working Designs. The only thing I didn’t really like is the way you progress in the game. With Melissa Gulden, Blake Dorsey, Shaun Watkins, Keith Lack. To start with, the US version of the game inflates many items' prices by massive amounts. 8:21. Get ready for a plethora of incoming reviews of horror based games for the month of October! He has also worked as a sound effects director and music director. In the Japanese version, the game always boots directly to the title screen. The game then plays the first half of the original Japanese opening (the "legend") until it finishes or the player presses. A day in the life as our hero Popful Mail. The player takes on the role of a bounty hunter named Mail, but it’s possible to switch to other characters. the one after save. Factor in that player invincibility time after getting hit is only 40 frames, that the player's maximum HP is permanently fixed at 100, and that Amulets and healing items are much more costly to get in the US version, and perhaps you get the picture: for the average player, the US version is so frustrating it borders on unplayable. 4:11. Working Designs worked on the localization for the North American Sega CD version (the one that will be covered in this entry).