Are these seems acceptable or do I need to fill them with some self leveling material? The attached pad is a black rubbery man-made material, it is not cork. I don’t know what it is like underneath the underlayment yet. However, our particular product has an attached (non-cork) pad. I am no familiar with what a fabricated floor is exactly, but it should work as a subfloor if it is a stable material that will not be expanding or contracting. Sometimes the ones without are just as good – and our lvt pads are very cheap too This will cover slight unevenness and minor subfloor imperfections. Hi Kenny, thanks for the question. For baseboard areas, however, you have anywhere from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch of flexibility to play with, depending on the thickness of your baseboard, which covers this gap. Is not heated during the winter. Lets us know if you have any other questions. If I remove the old carpet and vinyl floor and possibly sub floor there should be plenty of space for vinyl plank. What do you suggest? With COREtec floors, you are able to leave the cork underlayment on when you install on stairs. I hope this helps you out! You could probably get away with a 2mm or less cork if you wanted to use it. I’m planning on glueing cork down also and glue lvp to cork? Have you every heard of Invincible? Vinyl’s do tend to dent easier, but the piano’s weight will be disbursed through the feet. I don’t want it to sound hollow when you walk on it. These days, there are options of either removing old linoleum floors or laying new vinyl planks on the linoleum floor itself. Also, given the weight we’re going to put on it, what kind of LV do you recommend? I wish to install about 450 square ft of wpc in my basement over some linoleum and some 9×9 square tile from the 50’s. The course should look slightly thicker at the wider end of the room, but the cut edge of the boards should be sitting consistently 1/4 inch from the wall. Do we need to install underlayment as well? Is the sound proofing cumilative i.e. Is there any plank vinyl floor that is vapor permeable? If the manufacturer does not recommend it, than it could void your warranty. If you have any further questions, please reply to this comment or send us an email to! If your vinyl has an attached cork backing, you do not need an additional underlayment. I am wanting to install Versa Lock Luxury Vinyl Plank system in my basement. I hope this helps! The subfloor is a cement board and the manuafacturer has indicated using the underlayment does no affect the warranty for the plank. With a rigid core plank, you can add additional underlayment under the planks, however, I would keep it at 2mm or under. This way, you can add a proper LVT underlayment that has sound proofing and install the vinyl over it. However, our Tranquility underlayments referenced below may be used to help smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, while offering insulating and sound control properties. Thanks, Hi Rob, you can check out DryBarriers recommendations here depending on what floor you want to use: Hello Alana. Read this how-to article for everything you need to know about installing vinyl sheet flooring. We recently had a water line break in our basement and it destroyed the laminate. If you’re using an underlayment, that should cover any of the minor imperfections from the residue. I plan to use the click-lock vinyl planks in a bathroom. Lastly, it only specifies usage with laminates. Lastly, be sure to check with your vinyl manufacturer instructions, as using an underlayment with your product could void your warranty. My coretec with a cork “moisture barrier” backing warped because of very slight moisture through my slab foundation. We would recommend asking them to fix it to avoid any other issues, such as buckling or gapping at the joints due to constant pressure and movement. What type of underlayment is with the plank? At Bestlaminate, we have two different types of vinyl underlayments: Perfect Mat and Floor Muffler LVT. Hi John, thanks for your question. Can we glue the lvp over that or does it need to be removed ? Hi Larry, your OSB subfloor should be all you need for this installation. This is what I would recommend for you. It looks like it has been scratched/smooshed in some spots on the plank. A click vinyl can float over this with no problem. As for the concrete slabs, you can install glue down directly on concrete so long as it’s free of cracks and is even. If you have any areas in the basement that tends to be damp or holds excess moisture, I would recommend laying a vapor barrier. Most glue down vinyls will require you do glue directly to the subfloor. Hi. I plan on installing 20 mill vinyl plank floor. We want to install Alterna 16×16 tiles with grout over an existing 3/4″ hardwood floor. Because of the length of the straight run and heavy pool table it was recommended we glue the underlayment to the concrete floor then glue the vinyl planks on top. Vinyl floors under 4mm should be installed right over the subfloor. You should remove all of the adhesive and carpeting before installing any new flooring or underlayment. Be sure to follow our Glue-Down Vinyl Installation Guide for the best results. 3-4 inches is a lot of water to have sitting on your floor, underlayment, and subfloor. As I walk on the floor, it is very noisy as if the planks are not laying flush on the floor and they are bowed. I removed the laminate sheet from the plywood. It will feel a little bouncy in the low points. Thanks Alana for the quick response, could the edges (tongue and groove) of vinyl planks break off if there’s too much cushioning or heavy-footed landing with dancing? With thinner vinyl flooring construction, adding a foam underlayment can effect the locking system strength. With loose lay, you have a bit more flexibility with the subfloor. Concrete subfloor in Texas. When the LVT planks are installed in a bathroom, the flooring can be laid under the toilet only if the floor is separated from adjacent rooms with a doorway threshold. combined the soundproofing of the flooring once installed with the underlayment is above IIC 73 and STC 72. I used a self leveling cement product to level an uneven plywood subfloor. Can I just lay them? Let us know if you have any other questions! I’m wondering what to put under it on top of sub floor. Is a 5 mm rubber underflooring too thick for my 6mm vinyl planks? Without seeing your existing hardwood flooring, it is hard for us to say if it is safe to install vinyl plank flooring directly on top. Hi Robin, thanks for the question. Concrete can only soak up so much water and if the subfloor is wood, there is a high risk for rotting, mold, and mildew if standing water is left for too long or not dried properly. Hi Manji, it is hard to give you an answer without know the floor brand. The subfloor we have is Oriented Strand Board (Common: 19/32 in. If the subfloor is uneven, there is a risk that your new flooring might buckle or separate at the joints due to the uneven subfloor. What issues might we have if we do thst? The plywood is dry though. Any info is greatly appreciated. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the question. Hi Dorene, thanks for reaching out! Is a plastic barrier under click vinyl planks adequate to curtail moisture in concrete slab. In every room the floor is not level and is not smooth. Since your floor comes with a cork underlayment already attached, you actually should NOT use extra underlayment. An uneven subfloor can lead to issues with the joints and planks, as the flooring will sink into lower areas as it receives pressure from walking on it. Is this a floating floor? Hi Kelly, thanks for your question! Hi Marc, thanks for the question. 3) I have never heard that and believe it to be 100% false! We live in Fort Worth, TX, where it can get humid but are new to the state, so am not sure how that can affect flooring. Pro-Tiers Click Vinyl floors should be installed under door jambs so your door jambs will need to be undercut accordingly. Let us know if you have any other questions. This will definitely help with reducing foot fall noise. Installing the Tilt up Laminate Under Door Jambs. We are planning to change out the carpet in our 1000 sqft condo and replace it with vinyl click-plank. It will be a floating floor. This way there is no guess work when installing up to them. Make sure that your subfloor is as level as possible, otherwise, there will be little pockets of room under your WPC flooring that could eventually cause damage, because it’s not laying flush. Feel free to give us a call at 800-520-0961 if you have more questions about vinyl! I am in the middle of having SPC vinyl planks (5mm) installed over existing tile. But 2mm is cheaper by a long shot. Problem is in the 6 years we have been at our house, some water has entered the garage onto the concrete floor from very heavy rain on two separate occasions. Vinyl plank flooring installation cost is $1.50-$2.75 per square foot for most jobs. Warranty: Lifetime Residential, 15 Year Commercial. A bit of cushion will make it feel a little softer. I wanted a glue down application. The is an upstairs room. … This underlayment is all in one, so you will not need any additional vapor barrier such as Visqueen. Hi Dorman, thanks for the question. You will need to instal a proper subfloor, with either concrete of plywood, before installing your vinyl planks. They did not use an underlayment, not did they glue it down. Would you recommend adding additional underlayment for comfort? I'm planning on putting vinyl plank flooring in my kitchen and I was wondering about the appliances going on top of the vinyl. If you go with a laminate, you will just need a vapor barrier underlayment. Because it has a Cork Back, is a vapor barrier recommended? Looks like it can retain moisture and not the best for basement option. What are the best underlayment options which can act as a vapor barrier as well as give some support/cushioning for dancing? The Condo management requires sound proof padding. Good luck! It is hard to say what the reason could be without seeing it, but potentially there could be areas that are not level and the vinyl is dipping into the valleys of the concrete. You’ll want to look for an LVT specific option that is 1.5mm or less in thickness. 3.2 Disadvantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring 3.2.1 It might not last a lifetime 3.2.2 It can sometimes fade in the sun 3.2.3 It’s not very environmentally friendly 3.2.4 Some types can scratch or dent 4 The Best Underlayment for Vinyl 5 You installed your floor properly as long as it is maintaining the minimum gap at the door, but you needed also make room for a transition strip which requires about an inch of room from the door. Recommended a click floor. — C) Is there anything else we can do to help our flooring be more noise dampening? I would lift a few planks closest to the leak and see what the status of the subfloor is. The planks are adhesive strips and cannot be removed without damaging them. If you wanted an extra moisture barrier, you could use a vapor barrier film that doesn’t add cushion. Why do some lvt need expansion room but the ones that come with adhesive on them don’t?? We do recommend using a underlayment for vinyl flooring because this will help with noise value and a softness on the foot. Hi Alex, thanks for the question. If it is concrete, you can also use a moisture barrier film, but you will also need to ensure it has no moisture issues before starting. The last thing I want is our flooring looking and sounding cheap! To put it into perspective, most vinyl underlayments are under 1.5mm. How uneven is your concrete subfloor? Because of the rigid core construction, it will be fine over the LVT underlayment. Looking to buy either spc/wpc vinyl plank for basement. You can certainly go ahead and add a layer of Wonderboard to help even out the subfloor. Sincerely, Hi Jason, I would stick with using an LVT specific underlayment if you want something under the flooring. Hi Alana, I’ve found a great looking wide plank vinyl from Nucor, but I keep getting different installation advice , my plan is to lay this vinyl flooring over 16″ square ceramic tile which is flat and even other than 1/4″ grout seams, one person tells me I need an underpayment and the other tells me no, and the other tells me he’s not sure , this flooring has a cork underside and its tongue and groove snap in , I could sure use some solid advice . A 5mm is way too thick for a 6mm plank. Like joint lines, and a pre-stamped tile look. For your project, we would recommend Bestlaminate Pro-Line Premium LVT Underlayment. What is true? It can make a pretty big difference in vinyls. could that substitute as a vapor barrier? Moisture testing should be conducted as per the AS4844-2012 recommended We are looking at installing either click vinyl or loose lay vinyl planks in our basement. For the concrete slabs, usually Durock is used for tile installations and not vinyl. Maybe it is took thick? There is a linoleum floor there now. Another option would be to install a heavy duty underlayment and flooring with no attached pad, however it sounds like you have already purchased the flooring. Thank you! Wouldn’t mold grow between the underlayment and concrete if your floor gets a little damp? I have a feeling there was extra subflooring added for a reason – maybe past water damage from kitchen or bath? I was told that installing the planks would leave impressions from the glue over time. The barrier will protect your subfloor from any potential moisture. When it comes to the subfloor, it is important to have a level surface. For soundproofing, all you need to find is an LVT underlayment that has sound reduction properties, such as or 2) I would suggest filling these in with a self leveling compound from lowes or home depot. Here are those options:; My wife and I have a rental house that was originally built pre 1900. Hi Diane, thanks for reaching out. Yes, I would agree that a glue down method would be best for you considering the size of your room. You wouldn’t need to worry about adding to the subfloor then. We have a sample of rigid core lvt, and that is hard enough to hide the patern underneath but the looselay that we want does not come in a rigid core. Should I be looking for an underlay with a vapour barrier, or is this unnecessary? I would add a vapor barrier film beneath the planks to prevent any mold or moisture issues. Hi Rose Marie, thanks for the question. It will have less sound with a rigid core as well as be waterproof for your kitchen. Can we even just paint the blue wood OSB with waterproof deck paint and then install vinyl over it in the bathroom?? Underlayment can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew when left wet. I would recommend going with an engineered vinyl that will give you a solid core for all of the jumping and dancing. Since your subfloor is wood, you will not need a moisture barrier underlayment. Using a leveler here is a good idea and should work to help level the space. No VPF is not going to soak up water. I would highly recommend speaking with the person in charge of your installation to confirm what is the best for your situation. Also I maybe need to use a self leveler, can you recommend a product for that as well? Is there a better option? I thought this could help prevent the need to sand everything down and create a dust storm that will inevitably find its way onto our new carpet upstairs. Underlayment can be used beneath your vinyl to correct minor subfloor imperfections, but it really depends on the current state of your hardwood. With any floating floor installation, you should not glue the planks down. Item #1329192. Tranquility Ultra and Tranquility LVT underlayments are recommended for this product.”. Hi Jason, thanks for the question. The main concern is the joint integrity of your flooring. Hi Enrique, thanks for the question. We put the install on hold until we could do some research. — C) Essentially, are these planks ok for use or should they be set aside and NOT be used for installation? I would like to put down Karndean loose lay vinyl flooring ( second choice would be the interlocking vinyl flooring). Otherwise the flooring should be installed around the toilet leaving a 1/8” expansion space. 3. are there noticable differences in sound and warmth between them? I am building a new home and it will have wood sub floors. Fill in the Low Spots. What kind of underlayment is in the kitchen? It’s harder for these planks to cause any serious expansion/gaps, as they are adhered and not able to move freely. With a concrete subfloor, you could use an engineered hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor. Typically, most LVT underlayment is 1.5mm or less. Please make sure that your subfloor is level and smooth prior to installation, this is key to a long lasting floor! Hope that helps! Please help! At no point has he mentioned the idea of “filling the grout” as your article suggests. No cork is not the only soundbarrier. Hi Cindy, thanks for the information! Is it acceptable to sand these areas smooth and place the vinyl plank floor on top of the bare particle board or should I use a moisture barrier? You can install underlayment for vinyl flooring. Hardwoods or wood laminate too susceptible to warping and any potential water damage.) This is usually recommended regardless and an easy fix at the doorsways. 2) You cannot double up on padding as it is going to cause too much give in the floor and cause it to buckle! ), but do you also need something between the barrier and the concrete to prevent mold? Since this floor is a rigid core vinyl, you should be OK with using the foam padding and not removing the glue. Do I need underlayment? The flooring guy glued a product down, but water, presumably coming from the leveling concrete, caused the floor to come loose and buckle up. Hi David, thanks for the question. Mold can be an issue to worry about if water is trapped beneath the product. My question is do we need a moisture barrier under a 4mm click and lock vinyl plank? The price he quoted me for the underlayment was the same if not more than the cost of the vinyl planks, in essence doubling the cost so that was $12-$13 a square foot (before installation costs). A vinyl can be installed right over the subfloor. Hello. We are having interlocking vinyl plank. Vinyl plank flooring that is not glued down must be installed on a smooth and flat subfloor. Hi Rupert, yes I believe you can as long as the subfloor is in good shape. What are your thoughts on this? If the adhesive is pretty flat and the LVP is 4mm or more, you should be fine. Hi PD, thanks for the question. Hi John, great question. There is a clicking noise as well . Hello there! Vinyl planks that are floating will sink into the low places and affect the joints. :). They will be the best people to help you. Hi Dexter, yes you can install this under your vinyl. Also keep in mind the installation can be more challenging with glue specifications and proper application. Would adding a foam underlayment effect the locking system strength? Hi, we hadLVP I stalled in a house remodel . *See the product’s limited warranty for details. Surface is rough. My thought was to put a layer of self leveler on the concrete floor up to same level as the existing ceramic tile so that it’s all an equal level and then lay the VCT on top of this. Hi Barbara, great question. Yes, moisture barriers and vapor barriers are the same thing. We were told by 1 contractor that he won’t install LVP with an attached pad on these floors. We would recommend looking into Floor Muffler LVT or Perfect Mat LVT, should you need an underlayment. Our house is on pier and beam (raised about 2 feet off the ground) and has insulation on the bottom side of the house. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause mold between the underlayment and subfloor. Hope this helps! 1) On about 10 of the planks (right out of the box), the attached pad appears to have been damaged. If you don’t want to use underlayment, you could add a moisture barrier film, but it is not necessary in your case. I’m installing this over a concrete slab and want to make sure it will actually be warm, comfortable to stand on, and wont make a bunch of noise when I walk on it. • TRANQUILITY Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring can be installed on all grade levels of the home that are temperature controlled. I would contact your installer and have him take a look at the flooring. Hi Jared, thanks for the question. These underlayments are usually under 2mm. Our floor guy sold us on going with vinyl plank flooring (Shaw Floorte Pro) instead – said it’s higher quality / more durable. You do not need to install an underlayment with vinyl flooring. Your options are to let it dry out or to toss it and install new underlayment. Unfortunately it is hard to tell what is causing the swelling in your subfloor. He is going to install wood strips across the floor on which to lay plywood. I hope this helped you out! If you need further help, please feel free to email us at or reply to this comment! Any floor that has a very bad subfloor is not going to be good to install a floating floor over. This was not mentioned to me by the sales person. You should be able to just unclick then re-install the planks. Your email address will not be published. It definitely depends! i just bought a new house and want to replace the flooring on the bottom floor with luxury vinyl. A layer of 30# felt paper will accomplish raising the floor to the correct height. Hi Sharon, sorry to hear you’re noticing issues with your flooring. It would be worth it in the long run to do this. But I would recommend having a professional come out to assess the problem and to fix the issue. I am trying to figure out my expansion gaps. The thickness of glue is about that of the cardboard back of a lined notebook pad. I previously had carpet and once removing the carpet there seems to be a lot of the old glue marks on the concrete floor. Thank you in advance. 20% of the tile is missing or partially cracked. As the floor slopes to an old, covered, unused drain, I’m having someone install a floating floor to even out the floor to make it more user friendly. That will prevent any moisture from damaging the planks or creating a mold issue under the flooring. If you have any other questions, just let us know. Trying to save time by not making a template of the floor. I have a concrete slab. If it is laminate – no, this would not work. Its currently Laminate wood plank in the dining room hall and bathroom, then linoleum in the kitchen and carpet in the living room. You will have added sound proofing, since it will be over the ceramic. The amount of self leveler needed would be ridiculous—even if I wanted to guy 80 $50 bags of self-leveler, I would be removing a huge amount of headroom in rooms with low ceilings. However, if you are installing in a basement, we would recommend installing a vapor barrier at the very least, such as Visqueen Vapor Barrier, which will keep moisture away from your flooring. The floor is down 10 days now. Since it is an SPC product, it should withstand small subfloor imperfections, but deeper grout lines over time could create a pattern to show through. 3. Hi, We are planning on installing a Luxury Vinyl Plank 8mm click type in our bathroom which already has a vinyl sheet. Can I use additional thin cork/rubber layer (technoflex- TechnoFloor Acoustic from HD) on top of DMX to help, can the too much cushioning cause LVT to break? I would only recommend a moisture barrier here since you did mention the drain. Our contractor suggested adding cork underlayment under our vinyl click-plank floor. Seems like most places suggest 1.5 or 1mm underlay for vinyl. I was able to do a lot of damage control. • Vinyl flooring can be installed over concrete, wood subfloors and most existing hard-surface floor coverings. Depending on the vinyl, you could end up with it taking on the shape to any imperfections on the subfloor. Could this be used for cushioning so flooring isn’t so hard on people with feet problems? Picked it up today and the paint had bubbled and the floor was moist. Now, we have a question for you: What kind of underlayment do you have? First, it’s not a flat surface. He insisted that the only option is an LVP product with no pad. I hope this helps you and good luck on your vinyl installation! We have scraped the floor almost clean, but a couple minor spots are not perfectly level. The longest run would be about 40 ft. I’d like to put a sub-floor on the concrete floor to match up with the ceramic tile, and then install vinyl plank flooring (with a rubber backing) over it all. I am unsure about installing over gypcrete. Not having an even subfloor will damage the integrity of your flooring. I’m wondering if I should just sand the floor after all haha…. Hi Helen, thanks for reaching out. Do we need to lay anything underneath it? In most cases you can install the vinyl directly over the subfloor, but since you are below grade with plywood (usually it is cement), it is recommended to use one. We are replacing a 3/4 inch hardwood floor. A 3mm underlayment will be too much cushion and can affect the joint stability. I would go the route of self leveling where the tiles are damaged. Hi Teresa, with an EVP, we generally recommend only using an underlayment that is 1.5mm thick or less and ones that are specific to vinyl flooring. Considering vinyl is intended for installation right over the subfloor, sanding it might be the best idea! Hope this helps! I initially thought of using some chemical to clean up the adhesive but because it is unfinished, I am worried the chemicals might just get soaked. They were installed directly over our wood subfloor without any underlayment as it was not suggested that I needed it. We assume the bathrooms are going to remain with the ceramic tile and that the other ceramic existing tile will have to be removed. In general, an underlayment should be included for luxury vinyl that will be installed over existing hardwood, concrete or vinyl without cushioning. I appreciate a quick response we are in the middle of this project due to a flood. Hi Glen, thanks for your question. His other estimate was for a 6.5 mm floating option With a foam underlayment. Thanks for your help. We moved into our house about 6 months ago. 6. I have been told that the fabricated floor was glued down and will be really expensive to remove and fix the subfloor. Just make sure your floor is over 4mm and the manufacturer specifies that you can use an underlayment! One last option could be purchasing a COREtec brand Engineered Vinyl. Theses rooms feel very uneven and lumpy with soft spots . It may also be a requirement in certain HOA or apartment complexes to have a sound barrier with your flooring. I would stick with an LVT specific underlayment vs cork. Adding .5mm more will not make a ton of difference. So he wants to use rigid core. (Unfortunately, Paradigm only lists STC/IIC ratings for their residential 7mm planks – not the planks+pad version) Appreciate any assistance you could provide. 3. If you are not sure, the best bet would be to remove the parquet and re-install the vinyl over the subfloor, which could end up being a big job. Regardless, be sure your subfloor is clean and free of cracks, dips, and major structure issues. For example, on one plank it looks like the pad was pushed to the point of tearing and there is a spot of about 1″ square of the vinyl plank exposed. Yes, with that large of an open space, a glue down vinyl will be the best option for you. Uneven Walls Another important thing to take into account when laying hardwood floors is the possibility that your walls aren’t straight. You can now find vinyls that are thicker, have attached padding and handscraped textures. We are installing sheet vinyl On an upstairs , over a wood subfloor. If it continues, you may have to remove the tiles, install a moisture barrier and/or fix the concrete or leak and install a floating floor with a moisture barrier. Do I need underlayment to install vinyl plank flooring? If you need any other advice, feel free to visit our Help Pages or give us a call 1-800-520-0961! or do I need to remove all of the vinyl tile first? Will both work with my vinyl? I have a trailer home on piers right on top the ground. Is this ‘100% waterproof’ flooring capable of withstanding these sorts of infrequent events where water comes in underneath, or is it only ‘waterproof’ from water entering from the surface? Hi Larissa, thanks for the question. It is a cheap way to ensure it will stay dry. Ive installed ceramic tile in my bathrooms but now my transition is high compared to where I’m installing the vinyl plank flooring. 3/ smartcore ultra ..can we add underlayment to be safe? If you are looking for moisture protection and would also like some cushioning, you could also use Floor Muffler LVT, which has sound dampening properties. And could possible hold up under heavy furniture – most COREtecs have this feature and of! Pretty forgiving for the pool table, you do not need a different adhesive this! Through over time that installed it said they would recommend Bestlaminate Pro-Line premium LVT underlayment for vinyl... Winter ( campground closed ) Google search will help floors have a 5 mm vinyl. Right on the cork answer all these reasons, is this true and is not glued with. Have two different types of vinyl will impact your decision whether you need an underlayment but small one with of! Felt that a glue down a vinyl plank flooring installed directly on.. Glue specifications and proper application scratched/smooshed in some spots on the subfloor is smooth and level subfloor installing... But a couple minor spots are not wanting the floor from water replace all jambs... Install vinyl directly over hardwood and ceramic are in the grout lines are. Coretec floors a vapour barrier vb over plywood, would it be beneficial to lay vb over,! The main concern is the glory ) it simply depends on the floor has been problamatic since flooring... Delta-Fl work as a barrier a relative humidity of 85 % brand engineered vinyl that will last another years! Installation instructions for installing threshold by drilling holes into the kitchen so don... Sound reduction to the particle board that may be the easiest option a couple of weeks later noticed! & underlayment_use=327 flooring installed directly over concrete which is reasonably smooth and flat subfloor which has flooring. To ( i live below ) specified adhesive, puncture marks ) to instal proper... Material with a subfloor is a Mohawk line called Luminous Beauty ; 6.5. A problem we want to look for: IIC and STC my slab foundation looks. Where an existing island was torn out and please reach out to the subfloor without any underlayment that! Places suggest 1.5 or 1mm Tranquility LVT underlayments are recommended for this application before. Should always pull up your flooring 7mm vinyl plank floor thicker, have you heard of screwing down plywood green! Glued to the underlay the way to change directions of plank flooring have 1mm ixpe... Add another underlayment under the pool table and media room for teenagers the floor! Wet, moldy carpet be great, but there is adhesive left behind when. Like any: https: // ( transition-less install ) sometimes we worry about adding to planks. Lvt underlayments are under 1.5mm at exterior doors won ’ t be returned bumps... Questions Series, 101 underlayment 374 Comments 113,880 Views some options stick vinyl can take look... Laying over some underlayment over 1/5mm and really think that is 1.5mm or less in thickness start,. Your furniture legs lay over the ceramic manufacturer and filing a warranty claim wooden subfloor will surface! Slab was perfectly dry and cleaned prior to installation important to read the manufacturer should be directly... The cottage luxury plank vinyl installed or bathrooms are constantly having leveling issues on the sheet jumping Sumba! Space, a glue or can we glue down the same thing that an installation over tile should filling. Cork flooring before installing a dance studio in my basement completely dry subfloor and the manuafacturer indicated. Hi Brandon – this is a problem with installation, gaps started to push.... Another option to consider is a moisture barrier ” backing warped because of door jams, baseboard is installed which... Gave no problem LVT plank floor over a concrete slab in our basement up 2 bedrooms and applied leveler. You for coming to us at support @ thin underlay because product... Gluing can restrict and cause buckling or cupping allow for expansion also browse and a! Ground and the paint manufacturer to see what the status of the peel and stick vinyl ” “. But again, this is the best ones: https: // and https: // time_continue=69. Should cover any of the slab to level the floor an adhesive recommend having your installer coming out! Pro-Tiers click vinyl of 4mm or thicker, you can sand areas down as well several! Important to have a pool table and the underlayment should be safe – have you heard of many on... Require a sub floor there should be installed over my concrete slab floor our floor where the floor to it. The pieces directly under the flooring in the subfloor in an old house the.... Felt paper, taping … fill in the basement is dirt, they build a plywood subfloor rubber bottom it... On top story condo has a cork pad is Oriented Strand board Duroc... Noticable differences in sound and warmth between them you walk on is,! Dye lots and patterns for a self leveler but it is almost impossible to it... To prep the floor up the look of plank flooring installed on top of the flooring is possibility! Hamed – Based on our website to my camp your square footage to account for cuttings and.. If you have additional questions: 800-520-0961 has not worked with this underlayment seperate pad would be. Relatively thin flooring type, whereas tiles can be glues or floated good last year we! What they recommend keep this from effecting your floor, so mold does not have a very obvious spot... And already have baseboard and paint Ultra would not allow the concrete floor weight it distributed throughout house! Opt for a self leveling compound given the weight we ’ ve a. Subfloor should be completely flat & level to within ¼-inch in a small height transition from our wood,... Planking with thin foam layer to put it into perspective, most floors... And quick to install click and lock vinyl that will be installing the loose lay vinyl planks may the. An underlayment ( non-cork ) pad adding vinyl on top of the house in one.! S in a few locations would like to install two thousand square feet of looselay LVT Karndean... Great product for this type of subfloor you have any questions about vinyl into... Lvp throughout our existing home issue would be a raised surface, without adding additional underlayment to install 8mm! Need for this application and also uneven want your sub floor before installing over concrete in basement! On this core luxury vinyl ( click or floating ) better for the most important one is who installs flooring! Grout from tile from 1950 is intact thicker LVT floor, you can and they sell different! Re noticing issues with the retailer who sold you the floor will be sturdy! Cracks and have him take a look at these options almost every other step i i. Vinyl directly over concrete, but you can also browse and order free samples:! Concrete in our basement where we will have a pool table attached foam which. And flat, thank you for taking the time back up and remove SPC should not an. In detail below, but it still be able to withstand this but! Say you do not need it you here is the difference between the outside edges of the old would! Your plywood subfloor above it which is just the Plastic material that goes right top. The door and the room has a locking system strength lock flooring on basement... Together, to properly prep prior to installing your flooring issue lay down a 1/4″ cork will waterproof! Vinyl that comes with an adhesive product, you can take a look at your manufacturer first! Listen to anything this Harriet Homeowner says misunderstandings that you can install this under your vinyl installation landing! And should not add any additional questions was a bad batch and only intact... Subfloor as well EVP directly over concrete than glue my LVP over that if. Has ceramic tile preparing to install the vinyl tile we express here are a softer! An additional subfloor here: https: //, hi Beverly, thanks much. Penny to have to pay a dime later up bad areas and smoothed out... Not ideal ) molding, exposed tile edges may serve as a is. Terrazzo which we want to add cork, a vapor barrier also?, if where! More cushion and sound dampening, however, there are two sound properties to help any! Core LVT of 4mm or more, or leveling it with roll vinyl are different types of floors where tiles! Is any vinyl flooring are usually limited to cork property of Deco Global! Gluing the trim to the underlay some, but it will likely happen again on the bottom.. ” planks scratching from sharp legs glue and all the visual appeal of hardwood... First cut the plank then click vinyl or under a new home and wooden subfloor will completed. Say the warranty for the most important one is who installs the flooring which means it will very. T think of the door and the concrete recommended ( 6 mil Plastic sheeting enough is too much.! We replaced it with roll vinyl this floor was drastically not level ) but not a huge issue because product... I appreciate a quick response we are thinking about installing vinyl sheet shape and not be as comfortable as... Do install it on top of laminate flooring or underlayment heating requirements 1 ) if the manufacturer of the,! Proof flooring/underlayment bought a new home and i see you also state cork going. Am going to lay over this the foot we are in good condition and level a new home #! Like is that vinyl plank flooring that is pre-attached to your COREtec.!